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Direct city multichannel number

Any business is customer-oriented, to communicate with the customer you need to be in touch. Mobile phone is not always suitable for this.

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Unified Network (FMC)

The service "Unified Network (FMC)» - an association of fixed and mobile communication for your employees.

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Toll free number 8-800

Your competitive advantage in the fight for the client! Increase the number of calls from customers! The call to number 8 800 is free for potential clients from of the Russian Federation. Increase convenience and remove barriers for potential customers.

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Cloud PBX

Modern Virtual or Cloud PBX is a handy tool for your IT specialist or department that allows you to organize the effective work of the company to increase profits. Since the functionality of such PBX is larger and wider than conventional traditional PBX.

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SMS informing

SMS informing is sending short text messages to a specific database of phone numbers. SkyTel Group offers to use this service to increase the loyalty of your regular customers, as well as to attract new target audiences.

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Auto informer / Auto dialer

Auto informer (auto dialer) is an alternative to SMS messagins.

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Call Reset (forced callback)

This is one of the options for mass customer calls. The meaning of calls is to initiate a incoming call from a client, which reduces your call charges, because for incoming you do not pay.